Why not write for the Bulletin?

It is a great shame, but the spring 2019 issue cannot happen because we do not have any articles.  We very much hope this is a one-off, but we need your help. The AAHN is a large and vibrant organisation with members across the globe who do fascinating work. We would like to know about it.
Have you just begun a new project and want people to know about it? Perhaps you are looking for participants for a study, or you have found some archives long thought lost to the world. Have you found some photos found in an attic? Are you organising a seminar, conference or event? Do you simply have some news you would like to share?
We also accept research articles. 
We would very much like to be able to offer an autumn issue, so please write in, tell us what you are doing and support the AAHN Bulletin. You can email us at [email protected]
Thank you and very best wishes,

Jane Brooks
Chair of the Publications Committee 


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