If you are thinking about co-sponsoring an AAHN conference, here are some points to consider in advance of any formal pursuit.

    • Most conferences are scheduled 3-5 years in advance of an actual conference. This is arranged through a letter of understanding between the responsible potential co-sponsor and the AAHN president, the letter being generated by the potential co-sponsor.
    • A formal contractual agreement between the co-sponsor and the AAHN must be signed at least two years prior to a scheduled conference.
    • The co-sponsor of a conference must be a university/college or an established agency, not a single individual.
    • A Local Arrangements Committee (LAC), preferably of AAHN members, with a designated chairperson, must be formed to assume the planning of a conference in conjunction with the AAHN Program Chair.
    • Conferences are usually held the last week-end of September, barring religious holidays or other conflicting area events scheduled at that time. Final dates are established by the LAC in conjunction with the AAHN Program Chair.
    • The location/site of a proposed conference must be in a reasonably accessible location by air, train and/or ground travel.
    • The co-sponsor must ensure adequate meeting space, lodging, and nearby restaurant facilities for conference participants.
    • Overall expenses associated with the conference are paid from income generated by the registration fees and other monies solicited by the co-sponsor. AAHN covers the cost for selected items. If expenses exceed the proposed income, AAHN and the co-sponsor will share equally in the loss. If the income exceeds expenses, it will be shared equally between AAHN and the co-sponsor.

Conference Planning Guide prepared by Dr. Eleanor K. Herrmann, RN, FAAN.
Questions specific to conference planning are directed to the AAHN president by either emailing AAHN or sending a letter to the following address:
P.O. Box 7
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062