Why don’t you write something for the website?

Dear Members,

As you may be aware the Bulletin was disbanded at the end of 2019 after many years offering news, research updates and local events.

In 2020, we all expect news to be up-to-date and since the Bulletin was produced only twice a year, news was often no longer ‘new’ when you read about it.

Instead, we are would like you to use the website to tell colleagues and fellow-members of your activities, ideas and news.

Do you have a short research item, some news of publications, research funding or activity?  May be you have visited a fascinating archive, held a local nursing history event or are engaging in a new collaboration? Perhaps you have started a new job and are now bringing nursing history to your new employment? Perhaps you have been lucky to travel to new lands and have discovered untold histories of our profession?

If so, we would love to hear about it.

Please send your items to me, the AAHN Chair of Publications and I will pass them onto our web team. I am happy to check any ideas for the website if you are unsure.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Dr Jane Brooks
[email protected]