Talking History 2021

A Series of Monthly Webinars on the History of Nursing.

Join us for new, original research in the history of nursing. Nursing CEs will be given.

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Webinar Sessions

January 23, 2021 11am-12:30pm EST
Public Health and Disaster

Presenters Topics
Laurel Sanders “Field Nursing” in Indigenous  Appalachia, 1928-1938
Christine Ardalan Hidden in the Shadows of Florida's Seminole History: The Work of Three Federal Field Nurses from 1934 to 1957
Claire Chatterton 'The Village that Lost its Children. Disaster Nursing and Aberfan  


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February 20, 2021 11am-12:30pm EST
Midwifery and Race

Presenters Topics
Melissa Sherrod Meddlesome Midwifery: Institutional Racism as a Factor in Unnecessary Cesarean Deliveries
Eileen J.B. Thrower "With no Words to Get Me Out": Elizabeth Sharp and the Development of Nurse-Midwifery in Georgia
Charlotte Swint Margaret Charles Smith Midwife from Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama


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March 19, 2021 11am-1pm EST
Nursing Education

Presenters Topics
Carole Bennett Negotiating the landscape of racism History in the making 
April Matthias Untangling Typhoid: Comparing Early 20th Century Instruction for Quality, Evidence-Based Nursing Care
Janet Engstrom Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Courage: The Pioneering Work of Mary Bristow Willeford
Hrag David Yacoubian From Witnessing a genocide to establishing American style nursing education  and hospitals: U.S. nurses in the near east 1915-1923


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April 16, 2021 11am-1pm EST
War and Nursing

Presenters Topics
James Pelletier The Impact of the Military Draft on Male Nurses Who Served in Vietnam
Suzanna Wagner An Accounting of War: A Canadian Military Nurse's First World War Expense Record
Tawny Tseng The London Apothecary Society and the American Nurse Practitioner: A Tale of Two Struggles and Strength in Numbers
Zxyyann Jane Lu Glocalizing nursing profession in Taiwan during 1945-1965


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May 21, 2021 11am-12pm EST
Identity and Nursing

Presenters Topics
Richard Bates Florence Nightingale, Nursing Institutions and the Ideology of "Home"
Mariangela Figueriredo Professional Identify of the nurse in the nightingalean system


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