Student Research Award Recipients

This award, in modified form, became the H-31 Student Research Grant in 2008.
SeeĀ AAHN Research Grants section for awardees after 2008.

Jennifer Hobbs
Information practices, patients, and professional boundaries

Anne Cockerham
Sister-nurse-midwives caring for Spanish Americans at the Catholic Maternity Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1944-1968

Joanathon Gilbride
Nursing and the Politics of American Health Care Policy:
A Historical Analysis of Nursing's Participation in Health Care Reform in the United States, 1985-1995

Sarah A Johnson
Healing in Silence:
The Evolution of Black Charlestonian Nurses in Charleston, South Carolina, 1896 to 1976

Sharon Hadenfeldt
A History of Nurse Anesthesia Education in Nebraska

Joy Buck
Rights of Passage, Reforming Care of the Dying 1965-86

Sonya Grypma
Canadian Missionary Nurses at the North Honan in China 1923-47

Deborah Sampson
The History of Advance Practice Act Legislation;
New Hampshire as a case study

Mary Ann Cordeau
Acts of Caring, A History of the Lived Experience of
Nurse Caring of Northern Women during the American Civil War

Sherrill L. Leifer
Harriet Werley 1941-1964 A Study of Nursing Leadership

Donald Smith
A Study of the Persian Gulf War as a Catalyst for Change
in Air Force Nurse Corps' Clinical and Deployment Readiness

Marjorie Porter
A Case Study of the Life Cycle of the
DePauw University School of Nursing 1954-1994

Mary Ann Krisman-Scott
The Room at the End of the Hall, Care of the Dying 1945-1975

Kathleen G. Burke
The Factors that Influence the Diffusion of Health Care
Technology: A Case Study of the Pulmonary Artery Catheter
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Julie Fairman, Chair

Elizabeth Walsh
Premature Infant Care in the United States, 1900-1950
University of Pennsylvania
Joan Lynaugh, Chair

Jacqueline Pflaum
A Biography of Miss Elinor Gregg
Dissertation, University of San Diego
Irene Palmer, Chair

Ellen Ellis
The Evolution of Tuberculosis Nursing Practice at the Trudeau Sanitorium
Saranac Lake, New York 1884-1954 A Social History
Dissertation, Adelphi University

Sylvia Rinker
Evolution of Obstetrical Nursing
Dissertation, University of Virginia
Barbara Brodie, Chair

Susan Cramer
The Life of Frances Payne Bolton
Dissertation, University of Virginia
Barbara Brodie, Chair