RCN Online Event - Hidden Lives, Untold Stories: Nurses Beyond Nightingale

Two hundred years after Florence Nightingale’s birth, most people recognize only a small number of nurses in history. Yet nurses have made huge contributions to healthcare history, from nursing in wartime, to mental health, and workhouses; while their roles include publishing, nursing professors, chief nursing officers, and local community district nursing. Today, the vital role of nurses in the COVID-19 Pandemic is widely acknowledged, yet individuals are rarely recognised.

 Join us to hear from a group of nurses and historians who wrote the 27 new entries for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, published this year. From Annie Altschul, pioneer of mental health nursing, to Lisbeth Hockey, the first ever professor of nursing, find out how these nurses inspired and influenced the authors.

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This is the running order:

  1. Judith Godden on Lucy Osburn
  2. Sarah Chaney on Sarah Elizabeth Wardroper
  3. Alison O’Donnell on Annie Warren Gill
  4. Sue Hawkins on Catherine Wood
  5. Susan Cohen on Christina Tait Mackay
  6. Sarah Rogers on Annie McIntosh
  7. Claire Chatterton on Charlotte Seymour Yapp
  8. Betty Kershaw on Margaret Sparshott and Lucy Duff Grant
  9. Kay Wilkie on Margaret Currie Neilson Lamb
  10. Margaret Graham on Mona Grey
  11. Ruth Northway on Marjorie Simpson
  12. Julie Bliss on Barbara Fawkes
  13. Dianne Yarwood on Juanita Rule
  14. Stuart Wildman on John Greene
  15. Jane Brooks on Lisbeth Hockey
  16. Peter Nolan on Annie Altschul
  17. Danny Kelly on Robert Tiffany