Message from the President
October 2022

As I start my two-year stint as the 23rd president of the AAHN I first want thank you for your confidence in me as I take on the responsibility of leading this historic organization. I look forward to working with the board members and the Riggs staff in moving the organization ahead.

I would like to thank all involved in the organizing of the most recent annual conference in Lexington Kentucky. It was so wonderful to see and be seen by others in person after what seemed like an eternity. In the usual tradition, I can once again proclaim it as the “best conference ever.”

As soon as the conference ended a conference planning work group headed by Rima Apple got to work brainstorming ideas for future conferences. Of particular urgency is next year’s conference. The workgroup will collate the suggestions and report to the board by early November. I will let you all know the decision as soon as possible.

As we all settle in to the usual fall activities I would like to note the most recent disaster that was hurricane Ian in Florida as well as the continuing strife in the Ukraine. As we all know nursing is at the forefront of efforts to assist those affected by such disasters.

We also need to remain vigilant as the pandemic continues to affect many, particularly those in the vulnerable populations as a result of the structural inequities in our healthcare systems. I hope all of you stay safe and healthy and we negotiate this new normal.

I will communicate with you all as soon as we determine the best option for next year’s conference. Whether it be in person, as I know many of us hope for or remote we will work diligently to present the best speakers and presentations so we keep the AAHN conference the best one ever.

Very best regards,

Annemarie McAllister  
AAHN President