Early Days of Nursing Poster

Posters, both antique and contemporary, are wonderful collectibles as well as great accessories for home and office. Some nursing related posters are also significant artwork.

Genuine antique posters are costly and hard to find. The Red Cross sells affordable reproductions of some of their historical posters. Other sources of antique posters with nursing images include military recruiting, nursing schools, health campaigns and hospitals.

The poster above was a give-away in the 1970's; it was made to look old and certainly by now it is quite old. This particular one was bought for less than $10 on Ebay.

promotional poster for upcoming book

Contemporary nursing posters are affordable and come from a variety of sources. The American Nurses Association produces a poster for Nurses Day each year. Collectors may seek these posters for their artwork which varies considerably from year to year. The entire series of these ANA posters would be a wonderful collection and possibly of considerable value! Posters from conventions and even campaign posters from a nursing organization campaign may also be collectibles - especially if signed. The poster above was published by Mosby to promote the book by Patricia Donahue. However after the poster was printed, the title of the book changed, making this early poster quite collectible!
Museum gift shops are a source of reproductions of art featuring nurses and the Nightingal Museum in London sells a poster.

reproduction poster

Posters, especially antiques, deserve proper care. As paper based object they will last longer if kept in a controlled environment where the temperature and humidity were controlled throughout the year. Avoid exposure to strong light and have them professional mounted and framed - not thumb-tacked or taped to a wall!