1820 - 1910

Photo of Florence Nightingale's grave by JoAnn Widerquist

Grave of Florence Nightingale in St. Margaret Church in East Wellow, England
Photo by JoAnn Widerquist

The revolutionary accomplishments of Miss Nightingale are well documented; readers are referred to both the selected list of literature and the Internet resources for background on the life of Florence Nightingale. She was immortalized as the Lady with the Lamp when Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published "Santa Filomena" as a tribute to her activities in the Crimean War.

Acclaimed during her lifetime, Miss Nightingale wanted very little in the way of tributes. Her grave (above) is marked simply " F. N.".   Her parents are also buried at East Wellow. There are numerous memorials around the world, the tablet below is in St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

A grateful nation had shown its appreciation in endowing the Nightingale Fund which financed the first school for nurses, the Nightingale Training School which opened in London in 1860.

Florence Nightingale's memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, London.  Photo by Laurie K. Glass.

Miss Nightingale's Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Photo by Laurie K. Glass


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