Harriet Tubman

Summary prepared by Linda K. Strodtman, PhD, RN 
November 4, 2019
  • Born Araminta “Minty” Ross c. March 1822 born on plantation of Anthony Thompson, a Maryland planter and businessman (Dorchester County, Maryland). 5th of nine children enslaved parents Harriet “Rit” Green and Benjamin Ross.  Later another nickname of “Moses”1
  • Died March 10, 1913, Buried Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, NY USA2
  • Heroine of the Underground Railroad, Civil War scout, spy, nurse, suffragist, civil rights activist
  • Spouses John Tubman m. 1844 changed her childhood name to Harriet (after her mother).  In 1851 when she returned to rescue her husband from slavery, learned he had re-married.
  • In 1869 married Nelson Davis at Central Presbyterian Church in Auburn, NY and he died in 1888 of tuberculosis. Adopted child Gertie during marriage to Nelson Davis3
  • Between 1855-1860 Brought to freedom about 70 individuals in 13 trips (between Eastern shore of Maryland to Philadelphia and Canada).4
  • 1859, abolitionist Republican U.S. Senator William H. Seward sold Tubman a small piece of land, Auburn, NY.5
  • 1862-1865 Begins her work for Union forces in Civil War (cook, laundress, teacher, scout, spy).  Under command of Colonel James Montgomery, becomes first woman to lead armed raid.  Raid up the Combahee River results in freeing of over 700 slaves.  Hired to provide nursing service to wounded soldiers in Fortress Monroe in Hampton Va.6
  • 1896 Tubman purchases 25-acre parcel next to her property to establish a home and hospital for indigent aged and sick African Americans. 1903 Tubman transfers the 25-acre property to the AME Zion church. 1908 the Harriet Tubman Home is opened by the AME Zion church.7
  • Numerous books written about her.  See Wikipedia notation

Tombstone photographs taken by Scott Strodtman.
Cemetery site photograph taken by Linda Strodtman.
Harriet Tubman doll from the Girls Explore (TM) LLC series of books and dolls (from doll collection of Linda Strodtman).

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