Kylie Smith, PhD
Nursing Mental Health at the Tuskegee Institute 1948-1972

April D. Matthias, PhD, RN, CNE
Early 20th Century Correspondence Courses in Nursing: Questionable or Quality Education 

Susan Armstrong-Reid, PhD, MA
Rice Paddy Diplomacy: The American Friends Service Committee: Peace Nurses in Vietnam, 1967–1971

Kylie Smith
Mary Starke Harper and the Role of the Nurse in Minority Mental Health: 1952 to 1995

Lea Williams, PhD

Winifred Connerton, PhD, RN
“American Nursing and American International Expansion, 1900-1920”

Patricia D’Antonio, PhD, RN, FAAN
“A History of Health Demonstration Projects in the United States, 1920 – 1940:
The Perspective of the New York City Department of Health"

None Given for 2011

Deborah A. Sampson, PhD, FNP-BC
“Offering Unlimited Assistance”: New England Nurses’ Disaster Response During the Halifax, Canada Explosion, December 1917

Cynthia Connolly, PhD, RN
A Prescription for a Healthy Childhood: Pharmaceuticals, Parents, Practitioners, and Children in the United States, 1750-2008

Barbra Wall, PhD, RN
Clash and Compromise: Catholic Hospitals, Secularization, and the State in 20th Century America


Evguenia Davidova, PhD
Nursing the Newborn Nation-State: The Shifting Position of Nurses in Bulgaria (1878-1941)



Catherine Babikian, PhD candidate
Creating Welfare, Nursing Empire: Colonial Nursing and the National Health Service

(2 grants awarded this year)

Victoria Tucker, RN, BSN, PhD candidate
Moving Lines: Black Nurses’ Experiences in Virginia during Desegregation, 1950-1980

Laurel Sanders, Ph.D. Student, Department of History, University of Iowa
Public Health Nursing in Native American Communities, 1924-1941


Beth Hundt, MS, APRN
An Historical Investigation of the Influences of the Built Environment: St. Elizabeths Hospital, 1852-1899

Hafeeza Anchrum, MSN, RN-CPAN
The Mercy Douglass Hospital & Nurse Training School: 1948-1960

Scottie Buehler, CPM, MA
Geographies of Eighteenth Century French Midwifery Education

Vicki Fama Daniel
“A Legion in Themselves”: Nurses in the Triangle Fire Morgue

Erin Spinney
“[I]ndispensably Necessary”: Military and Naval Nursing in the British Empire 1763-1820

Sarah Craig, PhD(c), MSN, BSN, RN, CCNS, CSC
A Delicate Balance: Employee Advocate or Industrial Pacemaker?
The Development of the Industrial Nursing Specialty, 1890-1925

Hanna Metheny, MA
Forty Years Late? The Creation of the US Army Corps

Brianna Ralston
“A Visual Story in Black and White: Photographs as a Data Source for Examining the Role of Nursing in the Development of Neonatal Intensive Care Between 1955 and 1982”

Katherine Smith 
Greatest Potential Force for Reform: "The Vassar Nurse Training Camp, 1918"

Annemarie McAllister
R. Louise McManus and Mildred Montag: Leaders Who Developed
Associate Degree Programs in the United States, 1950-1959

Jaime Lapeyre, RN, MN
International Public Health Nursing Education in the Inter-world War Period

Lisa M. Zerull, MSN, RN, FCN
Nursing Out of the Parish: A History of the Baltimore Lutheran Deaconesses 1893-1913

Winifred Connerton
Have Cap, Will Travel; U.S. Nurses Abroad 1898-1939

Deborah Gleason-Morgan, RN, MSN, CPNP 
Nursing Care of Diabetes in Children, 1915-1940: Before and After the Discovery of Insulin