COVID, Caregiving and Coping: Registered Nurses Sought for New Study

A research study led by Marian Moser Jones of University of Maryland School of Public Health is seeking participants who are R.N.s directly involved in treating patients in the U.S. with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. In the study, participants will be asked to write about their experiences with this pandemic and then deposit writings/diary entries/written reflections weekly to a secure folder.


We are conducting this study at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. The Principal Investigator is a public health historian and ethicist who studies nursing in pandemics, wars, and other disasters, and has researched the writings of trained Red Cross nurses who treated patients during World War I and the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. We are now looking to study the present historical context by collecting writings from a broad group of COVID-19 front line nurses – from different demographic groups and geographical areas—over the next year.

This study, which has been approved by the University of Maryland College Park Institutional Review Board, offers participants no direct health benefit. But participation does provide a structured opportunity for participants to complete and contribute writings so that you record your experiences for posterity and take part in documenting the history of the COVID-19 nurses.

If you have disabilities or other limitations that make it difficult for you to write down your experiences, you can also participate in this study by contributing a weekly voice diary that you record through a digital recording app on your phone, tablet, or computer and then upload to the secure folder. No recorders are provided, but the voice diaries will be transcribed.

We are interested in protecting your privacy, so you can elect to participate under a pseudonym if you would like. If you do so, we will not share your identity with anyone else, and will be careful to remove any personally identifiable information from the texts. For all participants, I will remove any patient PII, and any and all patient or participant personal health information, from the texts. The required written consent form for the study fully lays out the procedures, risks, and benefits in greater detail.

If you would like to participate, or have questions about participation, please email the principal investigator at [email protected] 

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