Teresa E. Christy Award Recipients

Hafeeza Anchrum, PhD, MSN, RN
A New Era In the Fight for Nursing Civil Rights: Mercy-Douglas Hospital School of Nursing

Catherine Babikian, PhD
Creating Welfare, Nursing Empire: Colonial Nursing and the National Health Service

Rachel Allen, PhD
The Role of Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Formulating the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963

Lydia Wytenbroek, PhD
American Mission Nursing in Iran, 1907-1947: Faith, Gender and Profession

Erin Elizabeth Spinney, PhD 
"Naval and Military nursing in the British empire C. 1763-1830”

Amanda L. Mahoney, PhD
"Careful and Complete Observation of the Patient:" Nurses and the Sociotechnical System of Medical Research, 1930-1962
Michelle C. Hehman, PhD
"Once Seen, Never Forgotten" : Nursing, Ethics, and Technology in Early Premature Infant Care in the United States

Heather Janell Furnas, PhD
Nurses as Neighbors: Community Health and the Origins of School Nursing


Jaime Patricia Lapeyre
The Idea of Better Nursing’: The American Battle for Control over Standards
of Nursing Education in Europe, 1918-1925

Annemarie McAllister
R. Louise McManus and Mildred Montage Create the Associate Degree Model for the
Education of Nurses: The Right Leaders, the Right Time, the right Place: 1947-1959

Kara Dawn Smith, PhD
A Legacy of Care: Hesse and the Alice Frauenverein 1867-1918
University of Alabama

Winifred C. Connerton, PhD
Have Cap, Will Travel: U.S. Nurses Abroad, 1898-1917
University of Pennsylvania

Jacqueline Margo Brooks Carthon, PhD, RN, APRN
No Place for the Dying: A Tale of Urban Health Work in Philadelphia's Black Belt
University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Lynn Hobbs, MSN, RN
Naming Power: A Historical Analysis of Clinical Information Systems, 1970-1990
University of Pennsylvania

Deborah A Sampson
Determinants and determination
University of Pennsylvania

Martha Anne Eastman
"All for Health for All":
The Local Dynamics of Rural Public Health in Maine, 1885-1950

University of Maine

Sonja Joy Grypma
Healing Honan: Canadian Nurses at the North China Mission, 1888-1947
University of Alberta, Edmonton

Cynthia Toman
Officers and Ladies : Canadian Sisters, Women's Work and The Second World War
Dissertation, University of Ottowa

Katherine Dawley
Leaving The Nest: Nurse Midwifery in the US 1940-1980
Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania

Ellen Clarke
Professional Commitment and Activism in the Lives of Five African American Women
Dissertation, Harvard University

Cynthia Connolly
Prevention through Detention:
Pediatric TuberculosisPreventorium Movement in the US 1909-1951

1999 Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Winters
Enlightened Citizen:
Frances Payne Bolton and the Nursing Profession

University of Virginia 1997
Dr. Barbara Brodie, Chair

Sylvia Rinker
To Spread the Gospel of Good Obstetrics:
The Evolution of Obstetric Nursing, 1890-1940

University of Virginia
Barbara Brodie, Chair

Brigid Lusk
Professional Strategies and Attributes of Chicago Hospital Nurses
During the Great Depression

Dissertation, University of Illinois
Joyce Johnson, Chair

Victoria Grando
Nurses' Struggle for Economic Equity, 1945-1965

University of Kansas

Julie Fairman
New Hospitals, New Spaces:
The Development of Intensive Care Units, 1950-1965

University of Pennsylvania
Joan Lynaugh, Chair

Phyllis Healy
Mary Eugenie Hibbard, Nurse, Gentlewoman, and Patriot
Dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin
Eleanor Crowder, Chair

Barbara Peterson
The Division of Nursing Education, Teachers College, Columbia University,
1947-1961, The McManus Years: Advances in the Professionalism of Nursing

Meryn Stewart
Let Not My People Perish:
A History of A Public Health Nursing Experiment in Ontario, 1920-1965

Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania
Joan Lynaugh, Chair

Irene Poplin
A Study of Kaiserworth Deaconess Institute's Training School in 1850-1851:
Purposes and Curriculum

Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin