SEPTEMBER 25 - 28, 2008


Paper Presentations


From Nursery Maids to Professional Pediatric Nurse Clinicians, Practitioners, and Researchers Barbara Brodie, PhD, RN, FAAN

"Two Faithful Nurses”: Miss Margaret A. Shanks and Miss Mae B. Nichols Attending Susan B. Anthony Elaine Sorensen Marshall, PhD, RN

Fictions of Caring: Rethinking Nurse Rivers Susan M. Reverby, PhD

Community as the Locus of Care: Community Mental Health Nursing and Place in the Deinstitutionalization Era
Geertje Boschma, PhD, RN

The Ward System: A Lasting Pre-Nightingale Nursing Reform Carol Helmstadter, BScN, MA

Failure of Imagination: The Proposed Harvard University School of Nursing and the Hospitalization of America
Frances Ward, PhD, RN, APN, C

Transforming Nursing Education: The Phasing out of the Bellevue and Mills Schools of Nursing and the Expansion of Hunter College Bellevue School of Nursing, 1967 Sandra B. Lewenson, EdD, RN, FAAN

Anthropology and Caring in the View of Saint John of God Genival Fernandes de Freitas, DNSc, RN; Taka Oguisso, PhD, RN; and José Siles Gonzalez, PhD, RN

"In His Name”: Norfolk’s City Union of the King’s Daughters, Virginia’s First Program of Visiting Nursing
Mary E. Gibson, PhD, RN

How Best to Improve Maternal Health in Santa Fe? The Intersection of Catholic Nurse-Midwives and a Margaret Sanger Clinic, 1937-1968 Anne Z. Cockerham, MSN, CNM

For Honor, For Country: the Relationship Between the American Red Cross and the Navy Nurse Corps During World War I Jennifer C. Telford, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC

Containing Trauma: Nursing Work in the First World War Christine E. Hallett, PhD, BA, BNurs, PGDE, RGN, RHV, RDN

Emblems of Empire: British Nurses’ Role in the Extension and End of Empire Rosemary Wall, PhD and Anne Marie Rafferty, PhD

The Sphinx By Moonlight: Letters to the American Journal of Nursing From Nurses Abroad, 1900-1913
Winifred C. Connerton, MS, CNM

"It’s Not My Blackness That Is Important”: Gender, Race, and Image in Nursing Karen C. Flynn, PhD

The Effects of State Policies on the Development of Modern Mexican Nursing Allison Squires, PhD, RN

"The Most Wonderful Case of Diabetes”: Nursing Care of Children with Diabetes, 1920-1930
Deborah Gleason-Morgan, MSN, RN, CPNP

Post-War Transition in the Japanese Nurse’s Fee-Charging Employment Agency Mai Yamashita, MA

"Hearts Too Good To Die”: The Intensive Care Unit and the American Culture of Death, 1965-1980
Lynn Houweling, MS, RN

Coping with Sickness: Infectious Diseases Among Nurses in Germany, 1870-1930 
Sylvelyn Hähner-Rombach, MA, Dr. Phil

Money And Nursing: An Ambivalent Relationship Ellen D. Baer, PhD, RN, FAAN

You Say Uniform, I Say Unified: The Case of the Nursing Minimum Data Set, 1983-1990 Jennifer Lynn Hobbs, MSN, RN


Poster Presentations


Two Southern Nurses, Two Divergent Paths, One Goal: Caring for the Rural Poor Christine Ardalan, MA

Leaving Home: Patriarchy, Nursing Education, and Nurse Veterans’ Use of the G.I. Bill Nancy C. Barnum, PhD, RNC

"A Difficult Task With Pitiable Results”: Early Burn Treatment, 1900-1939 Cheryl Ann Borden, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS

"The Dirty Dozen”: Identity, Antecedents, and Careers of Midwives Employed in the First of the Marie Stopes Birth Control Clinics, 1921-1931 Pauline Brand, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), RN, RHV

You Want To Be What? The Story of Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners Joellen W. Hawkins, PhD, RNC, WHNP, FAAN

The Role of Nursing Scholarship in the Development of the Johns Hopkins Nursing Historical Collection
Phoebe Evans Letocha, MA

The Bellevue Classification Scheme: The Cultural Commentary of a Nursing Library Classification System
Keith C. Mages, MSN, MLS, RN

More Than Good, Kind Angels: The Daughters of Charity’s Relationship to Valuation, Mission, and Money, 1916-1994
Marcella M. Rutherford, PhD, MBA, MSN

On the Brink of Modernity: The Development of Professional Nursing and the 1893 Columbian Exposition
Louise C. Selanders, EdD, RN, FAAN and Patrick Crane, MSN, RN

Emerging from the Shadows: Nursing at Ellis Island Melissa McIntire Sherrod, PhD, RN