Paper Presentations


The Complexities of the Moment: The Early Years of Professional Organisation of Nurses in Ireland 1900-1930,   Ann Wickham, PhD, BNS

Determining the Worth of Nurses' Work: Nurses' Fees, Salaries and Income, 1900-1940,   Jean C. Whelan, PhD, RN

Working Together, Coming Apart: The National Joint Practice Commission (NJPC) and the 1977 Statements on Practice,   Julie Fairman, PhD, RN, FAAN

"That Men Might Live": The Nurses of Base Hospital 108 in the European Theatre of Operations, 1943-1945,   Karen Egenes, RN, EdD

Nisei Cadet Nurse of World War II: Patriotism In Spite of Prejudice,   Thelma M. Robinson, RN, MS

"You Forgot All About the Nursing Etiquette": The Working Relationship Between Physicians & Nurses During WWI,   Jennifer M. Casavant, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

From the Cradle to the Council: Activities and Writings of German Women as Professional Nurses, 1899-1912,   Aeleah Soine, Graduate Student

Exporting Public Health Nursing to Chile: Elizabeth W. Brackett 1942-1944,   Jeannine Uribe, MSN, RN

The Prominent Role of Notable Women [and Men] in Instituting Army Reforms Among Troops at the outset of the American Civil War,   Edward Halloran, RN, RhD

'Nothing to Report But What is Satisfactory: The Board of Superintendence of Dublin Hospitals and its Role in Nursing and Sanitary Reform,   Gerard M. Fealy, PhD, MEd. BNS, RGN, RPN, RNT

Rights of Passage: Reforming Care for the Dying, 1963-1974,   Joy Buck, PhD, RN

Nursing and American State Institutions: The Politics of Health Care Reform, 1985-1995,   Jonathan Gilbride, MSN, NP, CCRN

Rediscovering Mary Maud Brewster: Co-Founder of the Henry Street Settlement,   Paul Berman, MD

Alice Magaw: The Mother of Anesthesia,   Nancy A. Harris CRNA, MNA

How Civil War Nurses Got Their Pensions: The Woman's Relief Corps and Annie Wittenmyer,   Marjorie Baier, PhD, RN

Between the Medicine Man and the Contract Doctor: Field Nursing on the Navajo Reservation, 1924-1955,   Arlene W. Keeling, RN, PhD

'Save the county nurse’: Establishing public health nursing in rural Wisconsin, 1920s-1940s”   Rima D. Apple, PhD

Barefoot, Hungry and Diseased: Child Health in the South 1900-1925,   Mary E. Gibson PhD(c), RN

Anesthesia Training in the Basic Nursing Program Curriculum, 1915-1930,   Sharon L. Hadenfeldt, CRNA, MS, Doctoral Student

Nursing in the Wilderness: The Benedictine Influence on Nursing Education and Health Care in Northeastern Minnesota,  Kathleen Ann Hannan, B.S.N., M.ED.

History of Disaster Nursing in the Southwest,   Barbra Mann Wall, PhD


Poster Presentations


A Legacy of Leadership and Excellence: TWU College of Nursing 1954-2004,   Constance J. Ayers, PhD, RN; Carolyn Lewis, PhD, RN; and Adrian Melissinos, MSN, RN, Doctoral Student

Joyce Cameron Foster: Modern Pioneer in Nurse Midwifery,   Lynn Clark Callister, RN, PhD, FAAN

"Scarcely a Place for a Lady": Women Giving Nursing Care in Charlottesville Virginia during the American Civil War, 1861-1865,   Barbara Maling, RN, MA, MSN, ACNP

Up the Mississippi: The Path of Yellow Fever to Memphis, Tennessee in 1878,   Adrian Melissinos, MSN, RN

History as Mentor: Nurses Lead the Way for Physicians and Allied Health Staff,   Julie Neumann, MS, RN, BC; Diane McNally Forsyth, PhD, RN; & Carolyn Stickney Beck, PhD

Meanings of Madness: An Analysis of the Hawaii Insanity Commission Proceedings, 1909-1910 and 1917-1939,   Tom Olson, PhD, APRN, BC and Oriana Perez, BA.

The Nurse/Legislative Relationship in NJ: A Semiotic Analysis,   Frances Ward, PhD, RN, APN, C

Saint Marys School of Nursing, Rochester, Minnesota: A Three year Diploma School and its Contribution to Nursing Education and Practice,   Virginia Simons Wentzel, BS, RN

Forging the Future by Preserving the Past: The Evolution of a Nursing Archive,   Julie A. Goltermann, RN, Gary Shimek, BA, MLIS, Sherrill L. Leifer, PhD, RN