SEPTEMBER 23 - 25, 2005


Paper Presentations


'Much Instruction Needed Here': The Lives of Nurses in Rural Wisconsin, c. 1902-1940.   Rima D. Apple PhD

'And Justice for All': A Short History of Northwest Migrant Health Nursing.   Sergio A. Olivares, PhD

Three Cheers for Two Flo's: Florence Nightingale, Frederick Law Olmsted and Disease Prevention, 1855-1865.   Edward J. Halloran MPH, PhD

Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries: Nurse Anesthetists and the Medical Profession, 1900-1945.   Arlene Keeling, RN, Phd

'A Herculean Task': Staffing the University of Virginia Hospital, Circa 1945-1965.   John C. Kirchgessner, MSN, RN, PNP, PhD(c)

'We'd Rather Fight than Quit: The Illinois Nurse' Association's Struggle for an Environment for Professional Practice, 1966.   Karen Egenes, RN, EdD

Colice's Story: The Consequences of a Secret   Melissa McIntire Sherrod, RN, PhD

'Psychologically Detrimental to the Health of the Person Affected': Abortion and Birth Control Nursing in the Marie Stopes Mother's Clinics.   Pauline Brand, BA, MSc

One Big Happy Family: Nurses Who Lived and Worked in State Mental Health Hospitals in the 1950s.   Rebecca Bouterie Harmon, PhD, APRN, BC

Healing Honan: Canadian Nurses at the North China Mission, 1888-1947"   Sonya Grypma, RN, PhD

Neighborhood Practices: Nurses as Wives and Mothers, in Early 20th Century America.   Patricia D'Antonio, RN, PhD

Weaving a Tapestry of Care: Place, Presence. and the Meaning of Hospice, 1945-1975.   Joy Buck, RN, PhD

Military Metaphors and Military Might: Nursing, Medicine, and the Meaning of Language during Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Other Epidemics.   Lisa Stern Slifka, RN

Isabel Hampton Robb: Educating Nurses to Deliver Anesthesia.   Nancy A. Harris, CRNA, MNA

The Beginning of Nurse Licensure in England.   Elizabeth Vish, RN, BSN and Linda Holbrook Freeman, RN, DNS

Britain, France and America in the Great War: International Nursing and Caring, L'Hôpital Tempôraire d'Arc-en-Barrôis, France, 1914-1919.   Marjorie Des Rosier, PhD, RN

Fanny Taylor (1933-1900): A Lady Nurse During the Crimean War (1854-1856).   Mary Ellen Doona, RN, EdD

Nurse or Nurses' Aide: The Debate of the Great War.   Jennifer Casavant, RN, ACNP-BC, PhD Student

From Hearth to Hospital: Nursing's Role in the Development of Women's Work.   Louise C. Selanders, RN, EdD

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman? Gender and Mental Health Nursing.   Claire Chatterton, BA, MA, RGN, RMC, PGCE, PhD Student

Officer, Nurse,   and Woman? Male U.S. Army Nurses and Changing Gender Roles.   Kara Vuic, PhDc

Poster Presentations

Eliza Parish Pillars: A Mississippi Legend Continues.   Rosie Lee Calvin DNS, RN

The Newark Agreements: Historical Evolution of a New Jersey School of Nursing.   Frances Ward, PhD, RN, APNC

Nightingale in the News: Celebrity, Controversy, and Contribution 1900-1910.   Linda Holbrook Freeman, RN, DNS

Nursing Actions and Voices on the Journey Towards National Health Care"   Patricia van Betten, RN

Liberation Vs. Medicalization: Women's Experience of Menopause from the 1930s to the 1960s.   Debera J. Thomas, DNS, FNP, ANP