OCTOBER 1 - 3, 2004


Paper Presentations


Two Radicals for Woman Suffrage: The Relationship of Lavinia Dock and Alice Paul   Mary Ann Bradford Burnam, PhD, RN

Triangulating Nursing: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Nurses Association (ANA), Nurse Practitioners and the Battle for Control of Practice, 1970-1980.   Julie Fairman, PhD, RN, FAAN

Sister Elizabeth Kenny and the Doctors: Genius or Fraud?   Lynne Dunphy, PhD, APRN-BC

An Efficient Instrument: Margaret Huxley, Irish Nursing and the Nursing Cause.   Gerard M. Fealy, PhD, Med, BNS, RGN, RPN, RNT

Nursing's Inheritance from Domestic Service: Maria Machin and Nursing Reform.   Carol Helmstadter

International Recruitment of Nursing to the UK: A Legacy of Britain's' Colonial Past, 1891-1961.   Anne Marie Rafferty, DPhil (Oxon) RGN, DN, FRCN

Our Greatest Generation: The Journey from Hospital Diploma Program to the Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing, 1877-1979. Shirley Fondiller, EdD, RN, FAAN

Reveille Muted: Nursing at New York University, 1930-1975 Neville E. Strumpf, PhD, FAAN

Transforming American Nursing Education and the Impact of the Second Wave of Feminism. Susan Malka, PhD

Providing Care in the "Hoot Owl Hollars": Nursing, Medicine and the Law in the Frontier Nursing Service, 1925-1950 Arlene W. Keeling, RN, PhD

More Efficient and Effective: Combining the IVNA and Richmond City Health Department 1953-1966. Florence M. Weierbach, MPH, RNC

Harriet H. Werley, 1941-1964: A Study of Nursing Leadership.   Sherrill L. Leifer, RN, MSN

The People, "The Castle" and the Early Evolution of Modern Nursing in Dublin during the Cholera Epidemic of 1832".   Therese Meehan, RGN, PhD

"Six Minutes for Six Days": Nurses' Involvement with Early Radiation Therapy.   Brigid Lusk, RN, PhD

Equal but Separate: Male Nurses in Pakistan, 1947-1987.   Colleen Bowers, RN .

From Lady Volunteer to Nurse: Development of Nursing on the Civil War's Western Front." Karen J. Egenes, RN, EdD

"Soldiers of the Cross": The Role of Nurses in Base Hospital 41, WWI.   Jennifer M. Cassavant, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

"Officer. Nurse. Woman.": Shifting Definitions of Gender and American Military Nurses in the Vietnam War" Kara D. Vuic PhD(c)


Poster Presentations:


The Evolution of Professional Ethics in Nursing Practice, The United States and England, 1900-1936.   Rhonda Keen-Payne, RN, PhD

The Lived Experience of Ameican Civil War Nurse-Caring.   Mary Anne Cordeau, PhD, RN.

Living or Deceased: The Impact of HIPAA on Archival Nursing Research.   Brigid Lusk & Susan Sacharski

So Much More Than 'Beef Tea and Bandages': A Brief History of Instruction in 'Home Nursing' by the St. John Ambulance Association.   Frances Gregor, PhD, RN

Beyond the Dreaming Spires - Mental Health Nursing in Oxford.   Claire Chatterton, BA (Hons), MA, RMN, PGCE

"The Vexed Question of the Elderly": Nurses Role in Home Care of the Elderly 1900-1929.   Karen Moomaw Rose, MSN, RN