OCTOBER 1 - 3, 1999


Paper Presentations

Religion, Gender, and Autonomy: 19th Century Latter Day Saint Women in Nursing and Medicine.   Elaine Sorenson Marshall.

The Challenge of Erroneous Facts When Researching the Life of Lavinia Lloyd Dock.   Mary Ann Bradford Burnam

Stern, Plain, and Heroic: Trained Nurses in Family Magazines, 1880-1928.   Brigid Lusk

Angels of the Mercy Fleet: Nursing the Ill and the Wounded Aboard US Navy Hospital Ships in the Pacific During World War II.   Patricia A. Connor

Crossing the Technological Line: Blood Transfusion and the Art and Science of Nursing, 1942-1990.   Cynthia Toman.

Building a Bridge Between Nursing and Feminism: The Life and Work of Jo Ann Ashley.   Karen Anne Wolfe

The Spiritual Underpinnings of Frontier Nursing Service: An Analysis of the Letters of Sister Adeline Cashmore to Mary Breckinridge.   Barbara Criss.

Autonomous Women or Subservient Nuns: Religion, Institution Building, and Nursing Activities of Catholic Sisters, 1865-1915.   Barbra Mann Wall.

Virginia A. Ohlson: Leadership in the Reconstruction of Japanese Nursing During the American Occupation, 1947-1954.   Shirley H. Fondiller

Angels of Mercy: The Imagery of Military Nurses During the Vietnam War Era.   Susanna Tripale

The Spirit of the Frontier Prevails: The Chamberlain, South Dakota Typhoid Epidemic, 1933.   Karen J. Egenes

Too Small to be a Nurse: The Story of Rosie Chang, 1918.   Tom Olson

Keeping the Flame: The Influence of Agnes Ohlson on Licensure and Registration for Nurses, 1936-1963.   Carol A. Daisy

New Professionals: Public Health Nurse and Nurse-Midwife-Campaigners to Eliminate the Midwife.   Katherine Dawley

Finding They're There: The History of the Women Who Created the Baby Hospital.   Marjorie S. Hammer & D. Jeanette Nichols

Coming to Terms with the Past: University of Maryland School of Nursing Living History Museum Dean A. Krimmel

The Swiftest and Most Remarkable Reform or Contested Issues: A Case Study in the Development of Nurse Training in Ireland.   Ann Wickham

Smaller and Cheaper: The Chicago Hourly Nursing Service, 1926-1957.   Jean C. Whelan

The Steel Cocoon: Tales of Patients of the Iron Lung, the Convergence of Caring and

Technology in Nursing in the 1940s and Early 1950s.   Lynne M. Dunph


Poster Presentations


Cadet Nurses of World War II; Winning the War on the Home Front.   Thelma Robinson

The Foundations of Modern Nursing in Russia.   Quincealea Brunk & Galina Perfiljeva

Nursing in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, 1950-1980.   Wendy M. Nehring