SEPTEMBER 26 - 28, 1997


Paper Presentations

Our Past Was Their Future   Joan Lynaugh

The League is Coming! Accreditation in Nursing Education in the United States, 1893-1952    Sandra Lewenson

The Professionalization of British Nursing During the First World War   Sara Zackheim

The Coconut Grove Fire: Its Nursing Dimensions, 1942  Patricia O'Connor

Public Health Nursing During the Great Depression: The Maryland Experience  Marlene Cianci

An Uneasy Truce: Grannies, Midwives, and Public Health Nursing in Arkansas, 1913-1987  Elissa Lane Miller

Fighting Fire with Fire: Artificial Fever Therapy for Neurosyphilis  Sherry Hill, Jane Tallant Jeanette Waits

High Ideals vs Harsh Reality: The Burdensome Task of Mental Nurses, 1890-1920   Geertje Boschma

Making Do with Fewer Nurses  Victoria Grando

The Legislative Path Toward Autonomous Nursing in New York State  Anne K. Oboyski

Psychiatric Training at the Institute of Living, Hartford, CT  Laima Karosas

How We are Seen is How We are Treated  Peter Short

Using Diaries and Journals in Historical Research: Lessons From the Field  Arlene Keeling

Use of Oral History Methods to Capture the Life Stories of Critical Care and Public Health Nurses  Jacqueline Zalumas and Rose B. Cannon

Refuge and Rescue: Jewish Nurse Refugees and the International Council of Nurses, 1948-1965  Barbara Brush

Passing the Lamp: The Status and Conditions of Nursing in Pakistan at the Time of Independence  Colleen Bowers

The Policy of American Occupation and its Influence on Nursing in Japan, 1945-1951   Reiko Shimazaki Ryder

Helper Woman: A Biography of Elinor Gregg   Jacqueline Maim

Profiles in Hospital Nursing Leadership: M. Helena McMillan, Bertha Knapp, and Joy Erwin  Brigid Lusk

The Art of Florence Henderson: Pioneer Nurse and Anesthetist   Nancy Harris and Joan Hunziker-Dean

Vivian Bullwinkel: Sole Survivor of the 1942 Massacre of Australian Nurses on Banka Island, Sumatra   Beth Norman and Dorothy Angell


Poster Presentations


Diligent, Disciplined, Arrogant, and Proud: Naomi Deutsch   Susan L. Mayer

Florence Nightingale on Postage Stamps   Dolores Heinzmann

The Role of the Army Nurse in WWII   Lois Lagerman

Harriet Fulmer: A Nursing Pioneer   Susan Dudas & Patricia Wagner. Nursing Among Women Religious, 1890-1930   Sarah E. Abrams

A Journey of Challenge and Joy   Mary Ann English

The History of the Bath, 1880-1920: From Art to Task?   Lynne M. Hektor & Terri Touhy

Old Models for a New Century: Nurses and Social Workers   Joellen Hawkins, Carole Pearce, Nancy Veeder, & Peggy Metteson

The Room at the End of the Hall: Nursing the Dying Patient, 1945-1965   Gail Struder, Lynne M. Hektor & Terri Touhy