SEPTEMBER 23 - 25, 1994


Paper Presentations

Lessons from the past, models for the future: Women's preeminence in the settlement house movement. Joellen W. Hawkins, RNC, PhD, FAAN, Boston College.

Eliza Parish Pillars: Pioneer Mississippi public health nurse. Jeanette Waits, RN, MN, University of Mississippi.

From snake bites to flux: The care of the sick on the overland trail, 1840-1860.Arlene W. Keeling, RN, PhD, University of Virginia.

"An unacceptable morsel" : Frances Payne Bolton's struggle for lay inclusion within the profession of nursing. Susan Cramer, RN, MSN, Doctoral Candidate, University of Virginia.

Linda Richards and Japan: 1885-1890. Mary Ellen Doona, RN, EdD, Boston College.

"The silent white plague": Tuberculosis in student nurses, 1900-1940s. Lynn Simpkins, RN, MSN, University of Virginia.

The Brooklyn VNA: One hundred and five years of service. Nettie Birnbach, RN, EdD, FAAN, SUNY Health Science Center; Julie Pavri, MSN, MLS, New York State Nurses Association.

Creating an independent nursing association: Agnes Karll's leadership in German nursing, 1900-1927. Geertje Boschma, RN, MSN, Doctoral Candidate, University of Pennsylvania.

The power exercised by nursing in a physician-dominated health care system: The case of the Edmonton General Hospital: 1925-75. Pauline Paul, RN, PhD, University of Alberta.

Chicago nurses' professional organizations, 1929-1934: The splendid contribution. Brigid Lusk, RN, MS, Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago.

The nursing shortage 1930-1960: A sociological analysis of power and politics in health care. Jan M. Lundeen, RN, MS, Carl Sandburg College.

From whence we come: A story of the predecessors of the Army Nurse Corps. Mary T. Sarnecky, RN, DNSc, Colonel, United States Army Nurse Corps, Walter Reed Medical Center.

Courage to care: The Sisters of the Holy Cross in the Spanish-American War.Barbra M. Wall, RN, MSN, St Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN.

They gave willingly: Nursing in the 12th General Hospital, 1917-1945. Susan Sacharski, BA, Archivist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital , Chicago.

Nurses and sex education: An historical overview. Vern Bullough, RN, PHD, FAAN, Visiting Professor, University of Southern California.

From untrained nurses toward professional preparation in Montana, 1912-1987. A. Gretchen McNeely, RNC, DNSc, Montana State University.

The historical relationship of nursing program accreditation and public policy in Canada. Sharon Richardson, RN, PhD, University of Alberta.

The diary as historical evidence: The case of Sarah Gallop Gregg. Kathleen Hansen, RN, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago,; M. Patricia Donahue, RN, PhD, FAAN, University of Iowa.

The Civil War poetry of Walt Whitman: Poetic art reflecting nursing art. Elaine Connolly, RN, MS, Maine Medical Center.

A review of the first decade of AAHN conferences on nursing history, 1984-1993. Janet L. Fickeissen, RN, MSN.


Poster Presentations


Contributions of Loraine Dennhardt to the development of nursing. Selma Brophy, RNC, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

In search of the South's founding mothers: Nurses of the Confederacy. Quincelea Brunk, RN, PhD, Pennsylvania State University.

Glimpses of our heritage: Discovering Wisconsin's nurses. Signe Cooper, RN, M.Ed, FAAN, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Nursing history - Does it make a difference? Maureen Matteson-Kane, RN, MSN, University of Nevada; Margaret Louis, RN, PhD, University of Nevada.

History of the Wisconsin State Nurses Association legislative committee, 1909-1939. Carriette Weddle, RN, MS, PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.