JUNE 17 - 20, 1992


Paper Presentations


The care of chronically ill children in late 19th century Toronto. Judith Young, MScN; University of Toronto

Calling: A Nightingale concept of nursing. JoAnn Widerquist, DMin, MA; Saint Mary's College.

Class and professionalism in a deferential society: Lady nurses in the London teaching hospitals, 1850-1900. Carol Helmstadter, Ontario Nurses' Association.

Nurse practitioner of the Crimea: Mary Seacole, 1805? -1881.Ann H. Seidl, PhD, RN; SUNY at Buffalo.

"I shall never desert Mr. Micawber" Nurturers, nurses and the Victorian novel. Lorna Drew, PhN, RN; Wendy Robbins, PhD; Shao Pin Luo; University of New Brunswick.

The Fenwick influence. D.P Griffon, University of New Mexico.

Baccalaureate education for nurses: The vision and legacy of Anna D. Wolf: An unrecognized nursing leader. Sara E. Allison, EdD, RN; University of Mississippi.

Isabel Maitland Stewart's philosophy of education. M. Patricia Donahue, PhD, RN, FAAN; University of Iowa.

Trade unionism of the worst type: Conflict and collective voice within Canadian nursing, 1920-1940. Dr. Kathryn McPherson, York University.

"A good nurse cannot be bought with money" The development of the professional and industrial roles of the nursing organization in Queensland, Australia, 1904-1950. Glenda Strachan, Queensland University of Technology.

"A matter of felicitation": The development of international relationships among nurse anesthetists. Marianne Bankert, MA; University of Illinois at Chicago.

Nursing uniforms: Romantic idea, functional attire or instruments of social change? Irene K. Poplin, PhD, RN, CS; University of Texas Health Science Center.

Who did nursing in Italy between XIX and XX century. Cecilia Sironi; Universita Degu Studi D: Milan.

Countdown to zero: The demise of "History of Nursing" courses in Saskatchewan. Sandra Bassendowski, RN, MEd; SIAST, Wascana Campus.

Romancing the Canadian North: Nurses' stories. Sheila J. Rankine Zerr, University of Victoria.

The development of professional nursing in the deep South 1880-1930: A later story or a different story? Linda Sabin, RN, MSN; Mississippi College.

Nurses, midwives and public health in Mississippi, 1920-1950. Dr. Susan L. Smith, University of Alberta.

The historical evolution of nursing education in a small diploma school, 1913-1958. Mardi Amirault, Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Ordered to care? Nursing and the language of training, 1915- 1937. Tom Olson, PhD, RN; Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation.

The basic degree program in nursing moves west in Canada: Resistance to radical ideas at the University of Alberta. &Janet Ross Kerr, PhD, RN; & Pauline Paul; University of Alberta.

Senior nurses in government: Chief Nursing Officer positions in National Ministries of Health. Vernal Huffman Splane; University of Alberta & Richard Splane, University of British Columbia.

Unity amidst difference? The ICN project and writing international women's history. Barbara L. Brush MSN, RN; University of Pennsylvania & Meryn Stuart, PhD, RN; University of Ottawa.