SEPTEMBER 23 - 25, 1989


Paper Presentations

Conflict, controversy and collaboration: Congresswoman Frances P. Bolton's 1956 attempt to create a federal commission to study the nursing shortage. Susan Cramer, RN, MSN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

St. Catharines' Training School and Nurses' Home in Connection with the General and Marine Hospital: The first 15 years. Phyllis Foster Healy, MS, RN; University of Southern Maine & Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin.

Competing paradigms and the St. Luke's Alumnae Association minutes 1895-1916. Thomas Olson, AB, BS, MS; University of Minnesota.

Conscription caveat: National Service Legislation and the bill for a nursing draft. Karen A. Fankhauser, MSN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Birthed in the shadows: The influence of the Tuskegee School of Nurse-Midwifery for Colored Nurses on the health status of Southern blacks in the 1940's. Pegge L. Bell, MSN; University of Virginia.

Who pays? Who cares? Nursing and insurance for chronic care 1930-65. Janna L. Dieckmann, MSN, RN; University of Pennsylvania.

Unaccustomed to "furriners" among them: Rural nursing in Virginia 1907-32. Sue Bryant, RN, MSN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Our first administrators: nurse superintendents 1880-1910. Lillian J. Currie, RN, MSN, Doctoral Student; University of Virginia.

Do machines make practice? The history of critical care nursing and technology 1955-65. Julie Fairman, MSN; University of Pennsylvania.

The development of the nursing profession at the University of Kansas, 1906-41.Shirley Veith, RN, MA, PhD; University of Kansas.

Different but equal: the dilemma of nursing educators in establishing university nursing education in Canada between 1920 and 1960. Lynn Kirkwood, RN, PhD; Queens University.

The relationship among the four professional nursing organizations and women's suffrage, 1893-1920. Sandra Lewenson, Teachers College.

"Florence Nightingale was a Scrapper, too!" Militant nurses and abrogation of the ANA no-strike policy. Judith M. Stanley, California State University.

Early nursing in New England and New France. Janet Ross Kerr, RN, PhD; University of Alberta, & Pauline Paul, RN, MC(A)N; Doctoral Candidate, University of Alberta.

Historical precedents to the AMA's registered care technician proposal. Irene K. Schuessler Poplin, PhD, RN; University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Florence Nightingale: 1837-53 identity crisis and resolution. Lynne M. Hektor, RN, MSN, Doctoral Student; University of Miami.

Supporting the cause: Nursing activities of Southern women during the Civil War. Arlene W. Keeling, RN, MSN, Doctoral Student; University of Virginia.

Images of nurses on postal stamps. Andrea Kovalesky, MSN, RN; Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.

Giving meaning to historical research. Jean M. Symonds, RN, MSN; Universityof Maine.

The emergence of the academic revolution in nursing. Kathryn Suggs Chance,DScN, RN; Georgia State University.

Milk: the seed of trust between mothers and nurses. Barbara Brodie, PhD,RN; University of Virginia.

An influx of Blacks into the nursing profession: Black Cadet Nurse student experiences. Janet Barnes Young, Doctoral Student; University of Virginia.

Men and nursing: A case study of the Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing for Men 1900-35. Patricia O'Brien D'Antonio, MSN; University of Pennsylvania.


Poster Presentations


Letters of Rhoda Evalyn Bowman, RN. Bernadette M. McKay, MS, RNC; University of Texas

A comparison of concerns: Recurring themes of the Mississippi Nurses' Association and the American Nurses' Association 1911-1925. Jeanette Waits, RN,MN; University of Mississippi.

Best of the West. Marianne Matzo, RNC, MSN; Saint Anselm College.

Professional ideology versus occupational culture: A source of conflict for nursing. Joan Sayre, PhD, RN; Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing.

Lessons from the past: Nurturing the scholars of our profession. Joellen W. Hawkins, RNC, PhD, FAAN; Boston College.

Who is that woman in white? The significance of the nurses' uniform through the years. Loretta P. Higgins, RN, EdD; Boston College.

Agents in nursing: Women's perspective on the interests of occupational development in health work. Lea Henriksson; University of Tampere Finland.

Evolution of a nurse historian. Valerie Hart-Smith, University of Maine.

Alberta nursing education program articulation. Sharon L. Richardson, RN, PhD; University of Alberta.

Florence Nightingale's influence on America's war of rebellion. Edward Halloran, RN, PhD, FAAN; Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

The power of the nursing press: Prospect and retrospect. Shirley H. Fondiller, EdD, RN; Mid-Atlantic Regional Nursing Association.

The awakening of the tots; Society's response to the disease of tuberculosis and the affect upon the children in the late 1800's and early 1900's. PattiAnn Yankus, University of Virginia.