SEPTEMBER 25 - 27, 1988


Paper Presentations

Writing the feminist biography of a twentieth century public health nurse. Meryn E. Stuart, PhD; University of Ottawa

The United States Cadet Nurse Corp: Its roots and impact. Gail A. Kiser,MSN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Historical methodology: Development of a tool for recording complex dataover an 84 year time span. Eleanor L.M. Crowder, PhD., RN; University of Texas at Austin.

Clashing views on Ancon Hill (nursing in Panama). Phyllis Foster Healy,MS, RN; University of Southern Maine & Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at Austin.

Yellow fever experimentation: Clara Maass volunteers. Karen A. Fankhauser, MSN,RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

The contributions of Lucy Walker to the development of nursing education at the Presbyterian Hospital Training School (Philadelphia) 1882-1895. Josephine M. Cantine, MSN, RN; Presbyterian University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.

The spirituality of Florence Nightingale. JoAnn Widerquist, MA, RN; Saint Mary's College.

Development of a baccalaureate program in nursing at Eastern Mennonite College. Arlene G. Wiens, MSN, RN; Eastern Mennonite College & Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

A curriculum study: the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute nurse training schoolin 1850-51. Irene K. Poplin, PhD, RN,; University of Texas Health Science Centerat San Antonio.

Contributions of Cadet Nurses: an oral history: 1943-1987. Joyce Finch,PhD, RN; Arizona State University.

The role of black women in nursing: A specific discussion of the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association in Richmond, Virginia. Sandra J. Taylor, MSN, RN;Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

When "the emergency was routine" An analysis of critical care nursing, 1950-65. Julie Fairman, MSN; University of Pennsylvania.

The care of patients with leprosy in medieval England: Lessons for the nursing care of patients with AIDS today. Andrea Kovalesky, MSN, RN; Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.

The human side of high tech care: a history of nursing in coronary care units, 1941-1970. Arlene K. Keeling, MSN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Attitudes and practices towards families at the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) 1935-1975. Judith Young, MScN, RN; University of Toronto.

The Children's Hospital School of Nursing: Historical antecedents to its closure. John G. Twomey, MS, RNC; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

The mental hygiene movement 1910-35: Impact upon psychiatric nursing education andpractice. Sara J. Draper, PhD, RN; Trinity University.

An analysis of selected factors in the development of baccalaureate nursing education at the University of Cincinnati. Ruth Moore Bunyan, EdD, RN University of Cincinnati.

"You can't strike: hospitals don't have to bargain". Confronting the limitations of economic security. Judith M. Stanley, PhD; California State University, Hayward.

Negotiating two spheres: Inferences from nineteenth century nursing journals. Jean R. Moss, PhD, CPNP; Colby- Sawyer College.

Lessons for nursing leaders: The procurement of nurses by the Daughters of the American Revolution during the Spanish- American War. Susan Cramer, MSN,RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

The evolution of the American nursing history text: 1907-83. Sandra KressDavis, EdD, RN; LaSalle, University.

The second Army School of Nursing: The Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing, beginnings: 1963-64. Major Teresa Young Pierce, MS, MN; United States Army.

The eternal quest: The search for financial support for the IVNA of Richmond Services. Barbara Brodie, PhD, RN; University of Virginia.


Poster Presentations


Evolution of the Veterans Administration medical program and its nursingservice. Doris J. Brown, MSN, RN; VA Medical Center, Salem, VA.

The pictorial history of the College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati: 1889-1989. Jean Brimm Cahall; University of Cincinnati.

Television's depiction of nursing and the American hospital. Valerie Hart-Smith, MS,RN, CS; University of Maine.

Lina Rogers and the Department of Education: Back to basics in School Nursing. Joellen W. Hawkins, RNC, PhD, FAAN; Boston College.

Reflections on specialization: The emergence of nephrology nursing . Nancy Hoffart, MS, RN; Doctoral Candidate, University of Virginia.

From almshouse to nursing home: What brought the professional nurse? Kathy Hudson, BSN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Owned by the Company: The Windber Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1916-1960. Kathleen M. Kimmel, MSN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Sr. Olivia Gowan - Role model for the nineties. Gay Lutton, MSN, RN; Doctoral Student, Catholic University of America.

Community health nursing during Operation New Life. Constance J. Moore, BSN, BSH, RN; US Army Ft Ord, CA.

Trauma nursing: A historical perspective. Elizabeth L. Noroian, PhD, RN & Lurana M. Patterson, MS, RN; University of Pittsburgh.

The beginnings of Psychiatric nursing at Bellevue Hospital. Joan A. Sayre, PhD, RN; Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing.

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of the University of Pittsburgh: Its years of research, teaching and service. Marcia K. Schachner, PhD, RN; University of Pittsburgh.

Associate degree education in nursing: From concept to reality at Norfolk State University. Jacqueline L. Walsch, MS, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.