SEPTEMBER 27 - 29, 1987


Paper Presentations

Faith and finance: The evolution of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Visiting Nurse Service (1909-1953). Diane Hamilton, RN, PhD; University of Virginia.

The influence of Esther Lucile Brown on Nursing Education: An oral history. Elizabeth M. Bear, RN, PhD; Medical University of South Carolina.

American nurse achievers: An historical analysis. Bonnie Bullough, RN, PhD, SUNY; Vern Bullough, RN, PhD; SUNY.

Still nursing: Evidence and exposition through photographs. Joan E.Lynaugh, RN, PhD;& Karen B. Wilkerson RN, PhD; University of Pennsylvania.

Florence Nightingale and Harriet Martineau: Partners in the Army Reform. Lois A. Monteiro, PhD; Brown University.

Anne Hutchinson: Nurse-midwife and revel in Puritan New England. Sarah C.McPherson, RN, MSN; University of Virginia.

Emily Haines Harrison: Civil War nurse and spy and nurse on the Kansas Prairie. Constance W. Ganwer, RN, MSN; Pittsburgh State University.

Sara Low, Dover, New Hampshire, Civil War nurse. Joan Tomasi, RN, MEd; University of New Hampshire.

The historical development of the health care ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, 1858-1984. Sr. Mary Carol Conroy, PhD; Spalding University.

Conceptualization of nursing during various epoches (XII-XIX). Liny E. Lyss, RN, PhD; Idaho State University.

Nurses' work. Patricia O'Brien, RN, MSN; University of Pennsylvania.

Anonymous women: Confederate nurses in the American Civil War. Mary Madeline, Rogge, RN, PhD; University of Virginia.

An investment in the future: Virginia nurses establish a chair of nursing-1928. Barbara Brodie, RN, PhD; University of Virginia.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Michigan Community Health Project. Mary Carol Ramos, RN, EdD; City University of Virginia.

Architects of Integration and equality: Early Black American leaders innursing. Althea T. Davis, RN, EdD; City University at City College.

Janet M. Geister (1885-1964), Philosopher of Nursing. Virginia DeForge, RN, DNSc; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences.


Poster Presentations


A videotape presentation of the history of the University of Texas MedicalBranch Schoolof Nursing at Galveston, Texas. Patricia Gauntlett Beare, PhD; University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Nursing.

Three diverse perspectives of early American birthing: The man-midwife, the midwife and the physician. Judith A. Chaney, RN, MSN; Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, School of Nursing.

The history of the Baptist Memorial Hospital System School of Nursing: 1903-1987. Gail M. Day, RN, MSN; Psychiatric Nurse, Care Health Services, San Antonio.

Discovery, verification and categorization of facts about an American Red Cross Nurse in Poland, 1920. Beatrice N. Gaunder, RN, MS, MSEd; University of Kentucky, College of Nursing.

The American Journal of Nursing of 1907: A glimpse of nursing as it was eighty years ago. Maisie Schmidt Kashka, RN, MN; Texas Christian University, Harris College of Nursing.

Nursing in India: Societal determinants relevant to education and practice.Betsy Lehman, RN, MSN; Pace University.

History of nursing: Baccalaureate nursing student perspectives. Cynthia Sullivan, RN, MSN; Mennonite College of Nursing.

A history of the code of ethics for nursing 1900-1985. Diane C. Viens ,RN, MS; University of New Mexico, College of Nursing.