Paper Presentations

Nurses as portrayed in the World War I era music. Eleanor Herrmann, EdD, RN; Yale University.

The image of nursing in the works of Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1879-1958). Evelyn R. Benson, MPH, RN.

The Benedictine contribution to nursing education: The ministry of Sister Olivia B. Gowan, OSB, RN. Sister Mary Teresa Morris, OSB, BSN, RN; Kansas Neurological Institute.

The School of Nursing of the University of Pittsburgh, 1939-1973. Elizabeth L. Noroian, PhD, RN; University of Pittsburgh.

Nurse registration: Genesis of a movement. Nettie Birnbach, EdD, RN; Mid-Atlantic Regional Nursing Association.

Composition of boards of nursing and the time span to enact them. Janet L. Fickeissen, BSN, RN; Seton Hall University.

Westchester County, New York - Beginning exploration into nursing history. Doris DeVincenzo, PhD, RN; Pace University.

The Vanderbilt experience. Linda Betz, BSN, RN; Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Ohio State University: Adventure in oral history. Mary Ann Ruffing-Rahal, PhD, RN; Ohio State University.

Learning the craft: What's it all about? Olga Maranjian Church, PhD, RN; University of Illinois at Chicago.Charting new directions - an archivist's view. Larry Klein, PhD; Teachers College.

Margaret Taylor Walthall: A study of nursing and enterprise. Sara J. Draper, MA, RN; University of Texas Health Science Center.

Miss Julia Kasmeier: Power in perspective. Eleanor Crowder, PhD, RN; University of Texas at Austin.


Poster Presentations


Nursing education at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital: The Carrie Hall Years. 1912-1937. Marilyn Givens King, Doctoral Candidate, Boston University.

The founding of the Henry Street Settlement, New York City, 1893-1895. Norma G. Silverstein, Instructor, Boston University.

The role of the Sisters of Mercy in the establishment of hospitals and schools in the United States, 1843-1910. Mary P. Tarbox, Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College.

Alice Carr: An international nurse of her time. Grace M. Thomas, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Wright State.

From partner to subordinate: Bell Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1906-20. Shirley Veith, Associate Professor, University of Kansas School of Nursing.

Historical evolution of nursing models. Joellen Hawkins, Professor of Nursing, Boston College.