Gravesites of Prominent Nurses

Graphic by VikiMouse

Louisa May Alcott Sister Berenice Beck Florence G. Blake
Mary Breckinridge Helen Lathrop Bunge Mary Elizabeth Carnegie
Edith L. Cavell Teresa E. Christy S. Lillian Clayton
Sister Matilda Coskery F. Elisabeth Crowell Annie Damer
Maude Campbell Davison Deaconess of German Hospital Jane A. Delano
Susan Dimock Dorothea L. Dix Lavina Lloyd Dock
Adda Eldredge Helen Fairchild Alice Fisher
Bertha Harmer Cordelia P. Harvey Virginia A. Henderson
Jane E. Hitchcock Agatha Cobourg Hodgins Janet Jennings
Clara Louise Maass Alice Magaw Mary E. Mahoney
Anna Caroline Maxwell Florence Nightingale Sylveen V. Nye
Cleny Hartley Renfroe Linda A. J. Richards Isabel Adams Hampton Robb
Martha E. Rogers Hannah A. Ropes Elizabeth Sterling Soule
Euphemia (Effie) Jane Taylor John Devereaux Thompson Cornelia A. Van Kooy
Florence S. Wald Lillian D. Wald Walt Whitman
Marie E. Zakrzewska    

Photographs of the graves may not be used without written permission.

Contributions to the series are welcome; please provide a photograph of a historically significant nurse's gravesite and brief biographical information with citations

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